Melody Vaughan is an artist who writes, walks, photographs, and makes things in clay and metal. She has a background in Museum Education and Archaeology, and is passionate about objects and the work of emerging craft makers. This site is a repository for her writing and photography. [all words and images © Melody Vaughan 2016]

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The lightmonger sets out his wares.  On navy blue velvet they rest: glittering phials and flasks, stoppered with cork. Each containing the spark of something: an idea, a match, the light of a distant star. Every day he has something new, something surprisingly vital to your needs: an hour of extra sunshine, a quiet glow of the fire. He has forged a lifetime’s work on gathering, collecting, hunting down those elusive strains of electrons, those slivers of energy. Tomorrow, he thinks, tomorrow I start anew. I have sought out all the light that I can, from the sun, from lamps, from candles. A new adventure in light awaits: the lightness of touch, the lightness of being, a light sponge cake.

I am a traveller of sorts. My journey has no end but transforms and develops, picking up new trails, circling around old ones.  I will rest here, contemplate the path behind, the path before, and move on. I will probably return.

ordinary stuff

ordinary stuff is a project where the unremarkable, ordinary stuff seen in European cities, once observed became beautiful. ordinary stuff (brussels is bits)   ordinary stuff (berlin is tubes) ordinary stuff (amsterdam is bright) ordinary stuff (london is zigzags) ordinary stuff (oxford is piles) ordinary stuff (brighton is blue)

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